HR and Legal Consultation

We generate the best chemistry between clients and potential talents with using internet technology and human resources.  

Showcase Your Company Culture to Attract More Talents 

We offer you so many more services related to HR. As the business opportunity always rapidly developing, we also provide you with HR & Legal Consultation to help fulfill your company's needs. We will assist you together with our highly professional Lawyer that provides you a distinctive and absolute way to ease any assignment in the field of employment laws.

In order to help your Company to achieve the company’s goal, we also provide you with Legal and Documentation Services.

(Corporate Agreement / HR & Labor Document /

Company Regulation / Collective Labor Agreement /

Employment Agreement)

We specialize in markets that are difficult to enter. For a company that is expanding its business and is about to open a new company branch and representative office, the obstacles are still on how to take care of its licensing.

We can offer you to arrange the work permits and in Indonesia. We also can provide a help to arrange visas for you who intend to work or stay in Indonesia

With trustworthy employees, the business could be save from the backfire of hiring bad employees that will incur the future losses of petty and major crimes and bad reputation from scamming employees. Therefore, our background search service will help to ease your concern away.

We offer services for Translation and Interpreting to make your Business much easier.

We provide you translators and interpreters with a vast experience for Japanese-Indonesian-English language.

Our team of experienced accountants will give you the highest quality and accuracy services so that your talents can focus on business strategies that will help grow your business.