Recruitment Evolves with Sympathy

Step up your game, the next key strategy in recruitment world is Employer Branding. 

Showcase Your Company Culture to Attract More Talents 

Attract and retain quality employees by showcasing your company culture through engaging articles and
interactive video! 360 digital activation by taking advantage of our strategical channels.

What we can offer you

Contents Making


Contents Delivery

Employer Branding Video

We can produce your company's employer branding video with a lot of unique ideas and casting to support your company engagement with your target audience.

Employer Branding Article

We can produce web article to give more exposure to your company vision, mission and culture to engage with your target audience.

Career Page Production

We can offer you to create or rebuild your company's career page with providing video/article/job posting contents as well as a simple applicant tracking system.

Job Posting Contents

Your contents will be connected with your job vacancy positing on so that you can directly acquire potential applicants who are interested in your company after going through your contents.

Publish on Media

Your contents will be published on Job-Like platform and other media platform whereby more than 2.5 million unique visitors are accessing in a month.

Boost on Social Media

Your contents will be published on Job-Like SNS page on the platform such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to boost visibility. 

E-Mail Blasting

Your contents will be delivered as E-mail magazine to approximately 800K+ Job-Like registered members (job seekers).

Key-Opinion Leader Casting

Your contents will be endorsed by KOL who is suitable to engage with your target audiences. As an option, KOL will publish your contents on their own SNS channels.

Employer Branding Video Samples

Employer Branding Article Samples

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